Why was the night time version of Boo at the Zoo cancelled?

The Board of the Friends of the Magnetic Hill Zoo wish to express their thanks to all customers who attended, and, to the volunteers who gave their time, to past night time Boo at the Zoo events.

The Board decided to cancel the night time version of the Boo at the Zoo starting in 2011 because of safety concerns, volunteer fatigue, low attendance, poor weather, and rising costs of producing the event.

By focusing its energies solely on a daytime Halloween event, the Board is better addressing the increasing need of our customers to host young family orientated events and is better using its human and financial resources to generate more funds used to build better animal enclosures for the animals at the Magnetic Hill Zoo.

Although the Board does realize that the night time version of Boo at the Zoo will surely be missed, the Board appreciates your understanding with this decision and invites you all to attend our daytime family event.