Each of the venues are rated based on the level of scariness you can expect to receive once entering the venue.

“Scaredy-cat 1” venues are not scary at all and display lots Halloween decorations (and sometimes zoo animals too). 

“Scaredy-cat 2” venues are animated with a few live actors that might make you jump once or twice.

“Scaredy-cat 3“ venues are filled with several full out scares with fully costumed live actors, spooky music, fog machines, and gory displays.

Scaredy-cat 1 Venues Scaredy-cat 2 Venues
The Autumn Zone Abracadabra
Halloween Fiesta! Arachnophobia
 My Backyard
  Scaredy-cat 3 Venues
  The Dark Asylum
  Magnetic Hill House of Horror

NEW: Visitors may enter and enjoy the 2 scariest Halloween venues a maximum of 2 times per day. These 2 venues, named The Dark Asylum and the Magnetic Hill House of Horror, are located next to the Zoo’s canteen and are rated as “Scaredy-cat 3” venues.

This limitation is in place to:
• Promote a safe environment for visitors and volunteer actors;
• Ensure all visitors receive the best possible scares;
• Minimize wait times in line ups;
• Protect the venues’ props and decorations.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!